RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel ‘separated’ from boyfriend Paul as she delivers 500K masks to coronavirus healthcare workers – The Sun

REAL Housewives of New York City's Bethenny Frankel is riding the coronavirus pandemic separated from her boyfriend Paul Bernon.

The ex-housewife also donated over half-a-million masks to help fight the pandemic that's sweeping the world.

Unlike most couples during these tough times, the 49-year-old author and her boyfriend are self-quarantined in different states but are stronger than ever.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "Paul is in Boston and I debated going to him last night but I feel – and I've told all my friends and I've given the advice based on lockdowns and being near your kids – we need to be at home where we feel the safest and the most comfortable.

"Anxieties are at a high and I need to do my own routine and I need to be closest to my child and I need to have my backyard and my dogs and my things I can touch.

"He's working on helping me with Mass General and Boston efforts, and what's interesting is we're not together but this has brought us closer than ever."

The RHONY alum continued: "You're closer to the people that you can't be with [because] you're feeling like you want to talk to them and FaceTime them and you miss them.

"So we are closer than ever, but I want to go there. It's just we're both sort of panicked, if I go and I can't leave and it's not rational because I'm sure I'd be able to leave, but you want to just feel in your safe place at the moment."

Another way that the two are staying close is by working together on her B Strong Disaster Relief foundation.

She explained: "I'm putting my money where my mouth is because my money's already going to the masks and the hand sanitizer right now.

"That's where [I'm at], I've got to write these checks because, as the former director of FEMA said, we can't wait to get the money. We have to pay for these things and figure it out later, so I'm paying for these things and figuring it out later."

The couple, along with Bethenny’s B. Strong initiative and the nonprofit Global Empowerment Mission, are teaming up to one million approved masks to Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, Radio.com reported exclusively.

Earlier this month, Bethenny also revealed B. Strong would be producing and dispersing “corona kits” filled with medical supplies.

She recently left the show before admitting she only stayed because of the "astronomical" paycheck.

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