Russell Crowe Recalls How He Made Sure His Dying Uncle Saw Gladiator Before Its Release

Dave got to experience the film before his death, with the actor saying, "I got to go to Auckland and he hadn't spent more than like an hour and a half or two hours awake for about 10 days by then."

"I got to go to Auckland and screen the film and he'd come to Malta while we were shooting so he had a real personal connection to it," Crowe said. "I got to screen the movie for him and he stayed awake like 14 hours that day. Everybody in the family was just amazed."

The Oscar winner also shared what his uncle thought of the film, saying, "To prove what a cheeky bastard he is, I'm sitting next to him, I'm telling him I love him and stuff. My grandmother's name is Lois. She died a long, long time ago. I'm sitting next to him and he goes, 'That was a good movie. I'm going to tell Lois. Do you know where she lives?' And I'm like, 'Oh!' I went to talk and he goes, 'No, I'll see her before you do.'"

"He was a cracker," Crowe said. "An absolute cracker."

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