Sarah Cooper Shows Trump How to 'Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV' (Video)

The comedian did one of her famous lip sync videos about Trump’s bizarre new Fox News interview

It’s been another crazy roller coaster of a week, and in some unexpected ways. And one of said unexpected things was Donald Trump’s repeated bragging about passing a test meant to determine whether someone is in cognitive decline. And, of course, Sarah Cooper had to do a video about it.

In case you’re not familiar with the bit, Cooper takes some of the particularly weird stuff Trump says and acts it out as she lip syncs with the audio of whatever he said. In this case, Cooper took aim at the portion of a Fox News interview that aired Wednesday in which Trump tries to explain that the test is very difficult.

In that part of the interview that was the subject of Cooper’s video, Trump described how the doctors administering the test had him try to remember a string of words at various points during the test.

“So the last time I was at the hospital, probably a year ago, a little less than a year ago, I asked the doctor, I said, is there some kind of a cognitive test that I could take because I’ve been hearing about it. Because I want to shut these people up,” Trump said, referring back to a comment he’d made moments earlier about people saying he’s mentally incompetent.

“I said to the doctor, it was Dr Ronny Jackson, I said, is there some kind of a test, an acuity test, and he said there actually is. And he named it, whatever it might be, and it was thirty or thirty five questions, The first questions are very easy, the last questions are much more difficult. Like a memory question, it’s like you’ll go, ‘person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ So they say, could you repeat that? So I said yeah, so it’s ‘person, woman, man, camera, TV.’”

And it went on and one like that. Person, woman, man, camera, TV. Over and over. For several minutes. It’s no surprise this bit was just about the sole focus of the late night shows on Thursday night.

In her video, Cooper acted all this out in hilarious fashion, and she also played the part of someone having to listen to this spiel. And it all wraps up with a visual gag I don’t want to spoil. You should just watch it!

Cooper’s full video is embedded up at the top of this article, and you can also check it out on YouTube right here.

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