Shocking moment Myleene Klass hits her head and face-plants onto the ice just days before Dancing On Ice

MYLEENE Klass bangs her head and face-plants the ice in shocking video footage from her Dancing On Ice rehearsals.

Last night The Sun reported Myleene, 42, suffered a nasty fall that saw the amateur skater blackout before she knocked her head.

And now footage of the incident, which will be shown on TV when she skates solo for the first time this Sunday, confirms the full horror of the slip-up.

Myleene was practising a lift with her professional partner Lukasz Różycki just before she slipped and crashed to the ice.

Speaking about the incident, she explained: “I have banged my head on the ice already.

“There are loads of things I am learning as I go along, but I didn’t realise that when you do the spins, you can have a little mini black outs when you get dizzy.

“So we were doing a spin and when I watched the footage back and like the next thing you see is a banged head.

“Wait until you see the footage! You won’t believe it.

“We were doing the rehearsals last week and I didn’t realise it was a black out as it’s a very weird feeling.

“You don’t realise it is happening.

“I actually did it while I was stationary. Yes, I can fall over from stationary.”

Myleene is competing against reality star Billie Shepherd, 31, Capital FM DJ Sonny Jay, 27, ex Coronation Street actress Faye Brookes, 33, and former Olympic athletes Colin Jackson, 53, and Graham Bell, 55.

And it comes as no surprise to Myleene that the two former British champs are the most competitive.

Myleene laughs: “It’s obviously the Olympians! I’m just representing the mums. The mum’s that are stuck at home doing home schooling. That is our power to keep going.

“And it is the kids that are beside themselves with excitement. They get excited about the costumes and want to know what everyone else is dancing to.

“I want to get out there now and give it a go. But it is Olympic champions I am competing against, what has happened to me?

“Never in a million years did I think I would be in the same line up as two Olympic champions – four with Torvill and Dean on the ice as well.

“Then it’s poor little Myleene coming up behind, it’s like, ‘What am I doing?’”

  • Dancing On Ice, continues on Sunday at 6pm on ITV.

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