Sony Chief Tony Vinciquerra Speaks To Staff On George Floyd Murder And Ensuing Protests

Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman/CEO Tony Vinciquerra has become the latest Hollywood exec to address the shocking murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, and the ensuring rioting that has destroyed businesses in major cities across the country, including Los Angeles. Vinciquerra issued this memo internally last night, signed by him and by SPC Chief People Officer Stacy Green and head of Diversity and Inclusion Paul Martin.

Dear Colleagues,

We wanted to take a moment to address the tragic, wrongful death of George Floyd and the pain and anguish it continues to cause around the world.

The images we have all seen over the last several days are horrible. They illustrate just how deeply the anger and resentment over racial injustice is felt in our communities, and the need for us as a nation to address this issue.

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Among SPE’s guiding principles and values are diversity and inclusion and holding ourselves to the highest possible standards in all we do. These have been, and continue to be, top priorities for us as a company, and they have never been more important than they are right now.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and the peaceful protesters in this movement. It is unfortunate that the movement’s central message of racial justice and equality is being clouded by a non-peaceful criminal element that is infiltrating these protests. As a result, there has been violence and looting in the communities in which many of us live and work, and curfews have been put in place. This is incredibly disconcerting. Our country is better than this.

The company recognizes just how hard this is for everyone, especially our Black employee population. Please know that we support you during this difficult time.

Please make sure that you are aware of what is happening in your communities and that you are following local guidance and curfews to keep yourselves and your families safe.

Tony, Stacy and Paul

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