Special mention to Princess Beatrice – Graham Norton stunned by royal lookalike

Eurovision: Norton says Iceland singer looks like Prince Beatrice

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Graham Norton took the reigns on Saturday night to provide commentary for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The programme saw 25 entries taking to the stage to perform for their countries. TikTok star Sam Ryder represented the UK with his song Space Man.

However, when it came to Iceland’s turn, Graham noticed that the female vocalist looked like a member of the Royal Family.

“Moving on, to Iceland. This group is called Sisters, and guess what? They’re sisters,” Graham began.

“There’s three of them. And just for good measure, the man on the end is Iceland’s answer to Jim Corr, the brother of the sisters.

“It’s another ballad. Some countries overthink the staging, I think these might have under-thought theirs this year. “

He continued: “But hey, special mention to Princess Beatrice for tagging along at the end.

“Good of her to show up!”

Viewers also took to social media to comment on the singer’s uncanny resemblance to the royal.

Elysia said: “Nice of Princess Beatrice to tag along.”

Kirsten wrote: “Okay I know Princess Beatrice isn’t actually performing for Iceland but it’s still hard to believe.”

While Robin joked: “Nice to see Sarah Paulson, Princess Beatrice & Michelle from skins joining forces for Iceland.” (sic)

“Kristen Wiig, Jack Sparrow and… Princess Beatrice??” Sophie Whitelock tweeted.

Brodie commented: “This band consists of Clair from Steps, Jennifer Saunders and Princess Beatrice.” (sic)

Ukraine is currently the frontrunner to win the competition with their entry Stefania.

However, the UK’s entry is close behind them with odds of 6/1.

This makes the Space Man singer joint second-favourites with the host Italy.

However, the Ukrainian entry remains the frontrunner with odds of 8/13.

Discussing the latest odds, Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Things are going from strength to strength for Sam Ryder as far as the odds are concerned, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see him close the gap even further on Ukraine.”

However, other experts suggest that Spain could rise to victory, claiming Spanish is one of the best languages to win Eurovision.

According to Preply’s research, Chanel was the second most searched act.

Chanel is representing Spain, with her song SloMo which incorporates both Spanish and English in the chorus.

Italy and Ukraine are among the other countries which are the most searched for.

The Eurovision Song Contest is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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