Spencer Pratt rips sister Stephanie for 'bodyshaming' wife Heidi Montag by claiming she looks 'pregnant' in bikini photo

SPENCER Pratt ripped into his sister Stephanie for "bodyshaming" his wife Heidi Montag.

The feuding siblings were at it once again as Stephanie claimed Heidi looked 'pregnant' in a bikini snap.

It all kicked off when Stephanie, 35, went onto Instagram to share photos of her brother and sister-and-law while the couple enjoyed the beach.

Alongside an unflattering photo of Heidi, 34, in a neon green bikini, the reality star wrote sarcastically: "Yay Heidi's pregnant!! I hope she has a little girl this time! Cute bump."

Next, the TV star shared an unfavorable photo of her brother and nephew, Gunner, three, and joked: "I wonder what my brother is having."

One fan enraged by Stephanie's comments, hopped over to Heidi's latest Instagram post and wrote: "Stephanie just posted ur pregnant but I don't see that u posted it.

"Wtf I hope she's not revealing it for u."

To which Spencer, 37, pointedly responded: "Heidi is not pregnant. Just being body shamed."

And his unimpressed tone was reciprocated as others responded to Stephanie's social media post, which was re-shared and screenshotted by the Instagram account @notskinnybutnotfat.

"Not Stephanie Pratt body-shaming Speidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????," they ranted.

"Whoa dark," one put simply, while another reasoned: "This is horrrrible. To say these things about her own family…."

"And yet she wonders why they want nothing to do with her. Big Mystery!" a third claimed.

"For someone who has been open in the past about having an eating disorder she should know better not to comment on people's weight," another speculated.

The Pratt siblings would regularly get into arguments during their early days on The Hills after Stephanie joined the cast in 2007.

After Spencer and Heidi tied the knot in 2008, Stephanie claimed the couple did not want to include her in their lives.

Prior to the launch of The Hills: New Beginnings Stephanie revealed her true feelings about her brother during a 2019 podcast interview.

She ranted: “The behavior that I’ve seen … I’m done. This is why I moved to London.

"They are the most toxic people I’ve ever met. They are Bonnie and Clyde till they die. So if they say, ‘The sky is black,’ all of us are morons for saying, ‘It’s blue.’ … I’m going to expose them for who they are."

Heidi has recently faced serious backlash from fans who have suggested that her weight gain could be a pregnancy.

Despite the internet hate, she has fully embraced her figure, sharing sexy photos and TikTok videos.

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