Spoilers: Peter loses it with Thorne in Coronation Street – and regrets it?

Peter Barlow’s (Chris Gascyone) determination to destroy Mr Thorne (Dominic Mafham) lands him in more trouble in Coronation Street.

After learning Mr Thorne rushed his liver transplant for the sake of a bet, Peter has decided he won’t stop until he finds enough evidence that proves the surgeon is dodgy or Mr Thorne confesses to malpractice.

Sadly, he hasn’t had much luck as Mr Thorne often ends up with a smile on his face after making Peter look like a fool.

Coming up, there’s a deal on offer by the looks of it as Carla (Alison King) warns Peter to think carefully about rejecting the life-changing sum of money on offer from Thorne.

Meeting up with Tricia the nurse, Peter reveals he’s thinking about giving up the fight.

The next day, as they await the verdict on Thorne from the GMC, Carla urges Peter to be grateful for his health and focus on their future, but he’s unable to put the feud behind him and later meets Thorne in the pub.

A smug Thorne orders Peter not to undo all his skilled work and embrace the second chance he has to live.

As Mr Thorne gets into his posh car, Peter can’t contain his rage and angrily confronts him.

But what’s he got planned?

Will this bring an end to the battle?

Or just make things worse?

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