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Spoilers: Robert arrested in Corrie as he's accused of killing Vicky

Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) found himself on the receiving end of Michelle Connor’s (Kym Marsh) revenge scheme in Coronation Street when she took him for everything that he had. However, that proved to be the least of his problems on the day in question, as he found himself right in the middle of a police investigation following Vicki Jeffries’ (Kerri Quinn) disappearance.

Yes, after promising Michelle that Vicky would stay away from their wedding, he paid his ex a visit — which was seemingly the last time anyone had any contact with her. Curious as to what happened, Tyler interrupted the wedding and accused Robert of getting rid of his mum.

He was later questioned by the police, but matters go from bad to worse as — in the coming episodes — he’s arrested on suspicion of murder. A confused Robert wastes little time in telling the police that he last time he saw Vicky, an altercation had ensued — during which she’d thrown a vase at him.

However, the police reveal that they’ve not only found blood on the vase fragment, but that they also found a fragment of said vase in his van. That’s not the only compelling evidence either, as the police officer also confirms that the blood found on said vase fragments is Vicky’s.

Confused and upset, Robert demands to know what’s going on — and how the blood got there.

The walls are well and truly closing in on Robert, but did he actually murder Vicky?

Or has this all been one great big misunderstanding?

One to watch: Wednesday 11th December at 7:30pm on ITV.

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