Spoilers: Sean's selfish actions leave his neighbours bereft in new Corrie story

Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) will be at the centre of a new ‘morally questionable’ story in Coronation Street.

The young man was last seen desperate to forge a proper relationship with son Dylan.

However, when Dylan returns to the cobbles this year, Sean will find himself determined to ensure he gets his life in order, and in doing so, he ends up making questionable decisions which will impact upon his neighbours.

‘We’ll see good and bad of Sean when Dylan comes back.’ Executive Producer Iain MacLeod told Metro.co.uk.

‘A gay single dad raising a child feels novel territory for soap, we don’t see enough of it. The chemistry with Dylan is touching and poignant. I totally buy their relationship.

‘Unfortunately, it’s a drama – as he attempts to get his life in order, he ends up making morally questionable decisions and riding roughly over his neighbours sometimes. He has lived on the bones of his backside before so he is determined Dylan needs a proper home and spoil him to make up for being absent.

‘How he goes about that is a morally questionable story – after Covid, there are a lot of people in money troubles, people will empathise at first but when he starts doing morally unacceptable actions – to what extent do the ends justify the means?

‘He won’t be doing anything criminal but he gets involved with this pyramid scheme that ruins his neighbours and he convinces himself he is doing nothing wrong.

‘It’s an unashamedly moralistic tale of capitalism taken to the scheme. It will play to Antony’s strengths, Sean just gets sucked into this and it takes a while to dawn on him the damage it does.’


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