Star Trek Prodigy creators recall Janeway star’s corrections for cartoon return ‘Oh c**p!’

Star Trek: Voyager season 6 'Virtuoso' trailer from 2001

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Kate Mulgrew is best known for her seven-year stint in Star Trek Voyager as the franchise’s first female captain, Kathryn Janeway. More than two decades after she last appeared in the UPN sci-fi drama, Janeway has finally reappeared, this time in animated form for the brand new Paramount+ series, Star Trek Prodigy, which is coming to the UK on Nickelodeon later this month.

Before the new animated Star Trek series got underway, Kate gave the creators a few notes to perfect the cartoon version of her younger self.

Showrunners Kevin and Dan Hageman recently recalled some of their early meetings with the star with

This included the first time they showed Kate the mock-up of Prodigy’s holographic version of the USS Voyager captain.

Co-creator Dan recalled: “I remember on our first meeting, we were with [executive producer] Alex Kurtzman.”

“This is before Covid. And she’s like, ‘what are we drinking boys?’”

Although Kate was a pleasure to work with during the series, she was naturally protective of how Janeway would translate to animation.

Thankfully, the former Voyager captain was available to lend her first-hand expertise to give Janeway the best cartoon makeover possible.

Dan added: “She keeps us on-check at times, and I love it.”

Animation director Ben Hibon said: “She’s been incredibly supportive of trying new things and giving Prodigy that new breath of creativity.

“And for us designing her, creating an avatar of her. It was terrifying! It was terrifying, for sure.”

“It was the best moment,” co-creator Kevin recalled. “We had her on-screen. Because this was [now] during Covid.

“She walked up to it, and she was looking at it like this.”

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Dan laughed and chimed in: “We were like, ‘Oh c**p!’”

Kevin went on: “She was like, ‘her boots need to be like this!’”

“‘Her hairline needs to be a little lower,’” Dan added.

The team was eventually able to craft the perfect representation of the captain, who helps a ragtag team take control of the abandoned USS Protostar.

US fans have already been introduced to Dal R’El (played by Brett Gray), Gwyndala (Ella Purnell) and the rest of the crew, who will soon be returning for more adventures across space soon.

For Trekkies who were concerned with how the new animated show lives up to the rest of the sci-fi franchise, Kate also made sure Janeway was represented properly in the new iteration.

Dan added: “It’s not so much about notes, but we’ll have conversations with her.

“Like ‘what do you think Janeway would think about this?’ Because she’s so close to the character.”

Prodigy has already been given the green light for a season two, so there’s a chance the new team could start to meet even more familiar faces within the Federation as it continues.

Star Trek: Prodigy is available to stream on Paramount+ and premieres on Nickelodeon on Monday, April 25 in the UK.

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