Stranger Things season 4: Huge Steve Harrington plot hole exposed

Stranger Things season three saw a return of the fandom’s favourite bromance as Dustin (played by Gaten Matarazzo) and Steve (Joe Keery) worked together to uncover a secret Russian code in the Netflix Sci-fi.

The boys and Robin (Maya Hawke) worked tirelessly to translate the secret message and fans will remember the moment Steve realised the transmission had come from Hawkins.

After hearing the music coming from one of the children’s horse rides in Starcourt Mall, Steve realised it was the same one played in the background of the recording.

However, one fan thinks the music would never have been picked up, meaning a huge storyline would have been missed as the crew may never had ended up in the Russian base.

Reddit user RndmHero said: “So Steve makes a major discovery that the Russian transmission was local because he heard the music from the mall horse in the background.

“We later see that the Comms bunker is underground.

“This seems like a major hole because the transmission would have not come from anywhere near the horse.

“If things are sensitive enough to pick up on background chatter, it seems like it would have picked up on all the noise from the mall and surrounding area and would have been unintelligible.

Moreover, the fan went on to explain the chances of Dustin’s radio picking up the code.

The fan continued: “If it came from the walkie-talkies, it doesn’t seem like Dustin’s radio should have picked that up. It would have picked up chatter from every short-range radio in the area.”

The theory not only uncovers a major plot hole, but reveals an alternative fate for Hawkins as had they not picked up on the transmission, they would never have found the base.

Moreover, they would never have been able to close the gate and save Hawkins yet again as they did in The Battle of Starcourt.

However, some fans disputed the theory, claiming the storyline was more than possible.

The used said: “The operation had a front above ground. Likely, he heard the sound when one of the Russians just happened to be standing near that thing.”

The plot hole was revealed after showrunners seemed to have confirmed Hopper as “The American” referred to in the post-credits scene.

On a re-watch of the finale, one Reddit fan stumbled across a huge hint that Hopper is alive.

bilbo044 shared: “When Hopper kills the guards in episode eight and Grigori finds out, he refers to Hopper as ‘The American’.

“Could be a nod to the end credit scene and it seems likely it is him.”

With Hopper being referred to as ’The American’ once before, fans speculate the reference is no accident as the Duffer brothers may have left the easter-egg to hint at his return should there be a fourth outing.

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Netflix.

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