Ted Lasso's Nick Mohammed on Seeing Glimpses of the Old Nate in Episode 4 — How Dangerous Is Rupert's Approval?

Perhaps redemption is possible, after all?

During Wednesday’s Ted Lasso — the fourth episode of Season 3 — Nathan makes not one, but two attempts to apologize to Ted for how he left things at the end of Season 2. His first attempt, which is interrupted by Rupert, comes before AFC Richmond faces off against West Ham United, when Ted and Nate share an elevator at London Stadium. The second attempt comes after Richmond blows the match, triggered by security cam footage of Nate tearing Ted’s “Believe” sign in two. Nate spots Ted by the exit, but before he has a chance to confront him, Rupert’s assistant Ms. Kakes approaches the “Wonder Kid” with a VIP ticket to Bones & Honey — the same exclusive club that Beard, Baz, Jeremy and Paul snuck into in the standalone Season 2 episode “Beard After Hours.” By the time Ms. Kakes walks away, Ted’s gone.

So, what does this mean for Nate? Can he be forgiven if gets another chance to apologize, or did he rub too many Greyhounds (and too many fans) the wrong way when he bailed on his former club?

“I mean, whether he fully redeems himself or not, I think, has yet to be seen,” portrayer Nick Mohammed tells TVLine in the video Q&A above. “And it’s as much up to the audience to decide if they forgive him. For some people, Nate could beg for forgiveness and do a whole manner of things, but never make up for the betrayal at the end of Season 2, right? I don’t think that’s in my control, or even the writers to a degree.”

At the end of the day, all Nate really wants is his father’s approval. Or a father figure‘s approval. And by the close of Episode 4, he receives validation from his loathsome boss. Mr. Mannion tells Nate to call him Rupert, and introduces him to a beautiful actress named Anastasia. This comes after Rupert has already told him that there’s no need to feel remorse for the way he left Nelson Road — a sentiment that Nate may come to agree with now that he’s received the validation he craves.

“It’s dangerous with someone like Rupert,” Mohammed concedes. “From Nate’s point of view, he thinks, ‘Oh, actually, maybe things are going to be fine, and I did make the right decision [at the end of Season 2]. Yes, I might have said the wrong thing, but let bygones be bygones, and Rupert is my new inspiring leader figure.’ But as we all know as the audience, Rupert is far from that. He’s a toxic fool, and he’s ultimately manipulating this situation to his own end. Nate is merely a pawn in that, and I think we can anticipate that Nate is going to get burned at some point by Rupert, because Rupert never comes through for anyone, right?”

Among other notable developments in Episode 4…

* Sassy refuses to go on a proper date with Ted because he’s a “mess.” Rebecca thinks so, too, but “that’s why we get along,” she says. Later on, back at his flat, Ted calls Michelle and tells her that he’s ticked off about her relationship with Dr. Jacob; he’s upset that they didn’t talk about it before it started, but that’s beyond the point now.  “I understand that me saying all of this might be the wrong thing to do, but I just feel like not saying it wouldn’t be the right thing, either,” he says. “Because we gotta raise this little boy together, you know? We’re stuck with each other. We’re gonna share grandkids. I love you, Michelle, and I love Henry, and I love our family, no matter what it looks like, OK?” Attaboy, Ted!

* Rebecca discovers that Rupert is up to his old ways, cheating on Bex with Ms. Kakes. She confronts him after the game, telling him, “Your daughter deserves better, and so does Bex. Stop f–king around.” But will he listen?

* For All Mankind‘s Jodi Balfour makes her debut as Jack, the venture capitalist who’s backing Keeley’s public relations firm. When the role was first cast, the character was described as “charming,” but we don’t necessarily see her charming side here. She appears to be rather reserved, and somewhat intimidating — at least to Keeley.

* As for other goings on at KJPR: Shandy’s clearly becoming more trouble than she’s worth. This week, she takes it upon herself to change Bantr’s slogan to “Wanna f–k a rich celebrity???” Even if we set aside the fact that a PR executive would never, ever be authorized to make such a change — and what, are we to believe Shandy’s also a coder now? — it’s telling that she went behind Keeley’s back and made the change without first consulting her boss. There’s also a moment earlier on where Shandy expresses interest in shagging Jamie, just as Keeley begins to take notice of all the ways her ex-boyfriend has matured since she dumped him in Season 1. Hmm…

* Jamie begins his thrice-daily training sessions with Roy. He’s initially put off by the 4 am start time, but by episode’s end, he’s revved up and ready to go for their last session of the day. (To read Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster’s thoughts on Roy and Jamie’s new dynamic, go here.)

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