‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ star Rachel Beaver reveals which of her former flames is her baby’s dad – The Sun

TEEN Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver finally revealed the identity of her baby daddy.  

On Rachel’s debut season of Young and Pregnant, she questioned whether Drew or his best friend Jacob is the father of her daughter Hazlee.

Rachel revealed the true identity on her Instagram Story on Saturday.

She wrote: “I’ve known my baby’s father from the jump. Quit asking me who her dad is. Her father is clearly Drew.”

The MTV star explained how she said the father was Jacob previously because she “was dumb.”

Rachel continued: “I wanted a family so bad and Drew didn’t want to be there for her and Jacob did.

“I literally lived with Drew and had JUST broke up with him when I found out I was pregnant.”

In Rachel’s intro clip, she explained: “This is Drew. My ex and my baby’s father. At least, that’s what I think.

“Because I’ve been on and off with him and his best friend Jacob, Drew isn’t convinced that the baby is his and hasn’t even been there for me at all.”

She continued: “Jacob would definitely care more for Hazlee and take care for her a lot better than Drew would. I hope the baby is Jacob’s.”

Towards the end of Rachel's pregnancy, Jacob stepped up and became involved in Hazlee's life.

The two even discussed welcoming another child together.

But on a recent episode, Rachel and Jacob broke up after a fight.

Rachel appears to be with neither of her exes today.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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