Thandie Newton 'frustrated' with Westworld character Maeve

Westworld star Thandie Newton has admitted she is ‘frustrated’ with the creative direction of her character in the sci-fi drama.

Thandie stars as android Maeve in the high-concept thriller, a former prostitute madam in the titular theme park, who becomes an unwilling leader of a revolution of her kind, which sets her up against Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), who wants to free the Hosts from their human bondage.

In its most recent third season, Maeve and Dolores’ battle was placed front and centre in the narrative, but in a recent profile, the Line of Duty actress admitted that she’s struggled to adapt to the changes made to her character since the first series dropped.

Speaking to Vulture, she explained: ‘I do have frustrations with Maeve, but that’s part of her story line.’

During Westworld’s debut season, viewers found Maeve on the journey to true consciousness, as she discovered her past memories of a daughter, and her journey to find her, but Thandie says that beginning with the second season, Meave began to shift, as the show itself became more action-orientated.

‘The second and third season has Maeve with a different directive, but it’s not her own. She’s following other people’s leads, by and large. In the first season, she was driving, dominating, pretty straightforward.’

She continued: ‘I think Maeve is a metaphor for the dispossessed in the world, and she’s become that kind of leader, but she’s not had a chance to lead, and I don’t think she necessarily should.’

We do know, however, that Maeve and her character arc does have the chance for redemption – as Westworld will be returning to HBO for a fourth season.

That still doesn’t make it clear, however, if Evan Rachel Wood be returning to the show, after the events of the season three finale seemed to kill off Dolores for good.

Creator Jonathan Nolan did tease that ‘that version of [Dolores] is gone’, but… what does that mean, please?

Westworld is available to stream via NOW TV.

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