The Big Bang Theory fans call out plot hole with Howard’s chest hair in cheeky one-night stand scene

THE Big Bang Theory fans have called out yet another plot hole – and this time it's with Howard's chest hair in a cheeky one-night stand scene.

One eagle-eyed viewer took to Reddit to point out the blunder to do with the geek's personal grooming choices, which has been inconsistent throughout the whole 12 years of the popular sitcom.

One user, who goes by the name of cornerboyfrank8, mentioned that Howard Wolowitz's (Simon Helberg) wife Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) exposed a potential slip up Howard's chest hair.

They went on to list various times on the show that pointed out the plot-hole and started with episode seven of the first series, The Dumpling Paradox.

Howard can be seen wearing a robe after a one-night stand with Penny's friend Christy, and in the scene his chest hairs are clearly visible.

But three seasons later, during episode eight, The 21-Second Excitation, Bernadette claims that he only has one really long chest hair.

The Reddit user wrote: "In season four episode eight, Bernadette says that Howard has only one chest hair.

"But in season one episode seven you can see Howard enter the room in a bathrobe, exposing his chest."

To add to the confusion, during season one, Howard rips his shirt off after winning the Physics Bowl and in season seven Howard and Raj touch each other's bare chests.

The two episodes show that he actually has a chest full of hair, further adding to the Reddit users suspicion that it's a blunder.

And it looks like that's not the only plot-hole that fans of the beloved show have spotted.

Recently viewers called out a Raj blunder with the Halloween special scenes that featured astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The accident goes back as far as season five of the show.

Rajesh 'Raj' Koothrappali, played by Kunal Nayyar, hilariously reveals in episode 15 of season five, that he has no idea that Buzz Aldrin is a real person.

His faux pas comes as he tries to come up with an astronaut name for his best friend Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) in the episode entitled The Friendship Contract.

Raj suggests proudly: "Howard “Buzz” Wolowitz?"

But as he waits for his pal's approval, Howard has to explain that the name already belongs to a famous astronaut.

Before Raj grins and responds with: "Buzz Lightyear is not real."

And it's not until season six, episode five that the loophole appears.

In a Halloween special titled The Holographic Excitation, Raj sends Howard – who has been talking non-stop about going into space – a video of Buzz handing out sweets to children on his doorstep as they trick or treat.

"There you go," says Buzz as he hands a child a Milky Way bar.

"The Milky Way's a galaxy in space. I’ve been in space.

He continues: "Here’s a Mars Bar – I’m an astronaut.

"This one's a Moon Pie, I walked on the moon. What have you done?"

Looking sheepish, Howard turns to Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and says: "Okay, I get it," before closing his laptop.

A fan on reddit said: "Loophole?– Can we talk about how Raj doesn't believe that Buzz Aldrin exists and later sends Howard a video of him??"

While another responded: "Just one of the horrible continuity on the show.

"Sheldon has Asthma, nope, Leonard has Asthma Leonard does not snore, nope, Leonard needs surgery due to snoring Ran does not speak Hindi, Raj does speak Hindi Sheldon says Denmark invented the Danish, and gives Leonard a hard time, later he tells Amy that Austria invented the Danish.

"List goes on…"

The CBS sitcom, which is currently available to stream on Netflix, came to an end last May after 12 seasons.

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