The Chase fans in stitches as famous politician's 'lookalike' takes on The Beast – but can you guess who?

THE Chase fan got super excited when they thought they spotted a high profile politician on the show.

Viewers thought former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was competing on the quiz show after stepping down from his party's top job.

But it turned out Corbyn was not trying his luck on the telly, but his look-alike was John, a retired History teacher from Warwick.

The history buff strongly resembled the famous politician complete with white hair, bushy beard and modest clothing.

The Chase viewers were shocked at the doppelganger and rushed to Twitter to as "Is that Jeremy Corbyn?"

 "I just turned on and it looks like Jeremy Corbyn is up against The Beast," wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another added: "Jeremy Corbyn's doing well today!"

And a third said: "Doesn't he look like Jeremy Corbyn?"

The retired teacher explained he now lived in Somerset and apple cider vinegar with his family in his spare time.

John hoped to win big so he could travel to Japan with his wife Susie and visit his son Alex there.

He managed to make £7,000 in the cash builder and faced off against Mark 'The Best' Labbett.

But the Beast proved to good for John and sent him packing before he could make it to the final round.

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