The Chase viewers call for Shaun Wallace to 'quit and retire' after 'crumbling' with three blunders in tense final round

THE Chase viewers have called for Shaun Wallace to 'quit and retire' after three errors in a tense final round.

As a result of the quizzer's blunders, the team would go on to win £14,000.

Jerome, Carolyn, Dave and Ruth were the latest to take on 'The Dark Destroyer' and viewers were not impressed with his performance.

Shaun was only able to eliminate Ruth, but he cracked under pressure as he failed to defeat the rest of the team.

Taking to Twitter one fan wrote: "Shaun absolutely crumbled there… again… #thechase.”

While another viewer mentioned: "Shaun needs to go #thechase."

Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant India Willoughby watched on and admitted: "As much as I think he’s very funny and a nice guy, Shaun needs to retire #TheChase." 

"Shaun lost again what a surprise #thechase," a tweet read, while another fan commented: "Shaun it’s time to go #TheChase."

In the final chase, the team answered 17 questions correctly, with 21-year-old Jerome answering 13 of them.

As a result, they had a 20 step head start and it was then Shaun's turn to try and knock them completely out of the game.

Sean answered several questions wrong, including: "Which member of the rock band Kiss has a famously long tongue?”

The chaser answered Slash, when the correct band member is in fact Gene Simmons.

Wallace answered another question about Tellus incorrectly, and another one about what country Lask Football Club are from.

The teams stole all these points, which enabled them to walk away with £14,000.

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