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The Chase: ‘What are you DOING here?’ Bradley Walsh demands celeb in startling revelation

This evening’s instalment of the ITV quiz show was a celebrity special hosted by Bradley Walsh and the stars had to face chaser Anne Hegerty who is otherwise known as the Governess on The Chase.

Steps star Faye Tozer was one of those hoping to earn money for charity by answering some questions.

However, Bradley was shocked at one of her answers to a question which asked: “Which of these places gained city status the earliest?”

The options were Bradford, Oxford and Salford, and Faye plumped for the latter option leaving Bradley gobsmacked.

This is why I never win pub quizzes

Faye Tozer

“This is why I never win pub quizzes,” Faye laughed.

Bradley then exclaimed: “If you don’t win on pub quizzes what the hell are you doing here?”

“I’m optimistic!” Faye declared.

It was all too much for Bradley who started pacing away from the desk as he began to say: “I can’t…”

The answer was incorrect and Anne gave the right answer of Oxford.

However, Faye managed to get through to the Final Chase in the end as Anne failed to catch her.

The show was also home to another humorous moment as Bradley made a bit of a superhero blunder.

It unfolded as radio presenter Jamie Theakston was the first celeb to try and out-run Anne.

One question asked which superhero out of the following did not wear blue and red: Superman, Batman or Spiderman.

Jamie selected Batman as his answer but Bradley appeared to be baffled.

“Doesn’t he have a red cape?” he asked Jamie.

Jamie didn’t seem to believe what he was hearing as he replied: “He doesn’t have a red cape, he’s all black.”

“The whole thing?” Bradley asked.

“He’s a bat,” Jamie stated as the audience burst into laughter.

Recognising his mistake, Bradley chuckled: “Oh yeah. What am I thinking?”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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