The Crown Reveals Its Biggest Shocker Yet: Prince Charles Breakdancing?!

Netflix’s royal biopic The Crown has delivered a number of stunning twists and turns across its five seasons — but nothing more jaw-dropping that what we witnessed at the end of Season 5’s fifth episode.

The episode centered around Elizabeth’s eldest son and heir apparent Prince Charles (now played by The Wire alum Dominic West) trying to modernize the monarchy and doing a revelatory TV interview while also weathering a tabloid firestorm when a private phone call with his not-so-secret lover Camilla Parker-Bowles was made public. At episode’s end, Charles gave a speech in support of his Prince’s Trust charity, which provides training and support to disadvantaged youth. And that’s when the fun began.

As the credits rolled, Charles attended a dance party for the charity’s young beneficiaries as the raucous sounds of Eric B. & Rakim’s old-school classic “Don’t Sweat the Technique” thumped over the speakers. Charles bopped along as he watched a couple of breakdancers spin around on the floor — and then the dancers invited Charles to join them! And he did! It was a fleeting scene but an unforgettable one as West’s Charles grooved alongside his young friends, even crouching and striking a pose at the very end.

The future King of England, a b-boy? We have to say: We are absolutely gobsmacked. The Crown is often accused of being too stuffy, but there was nothing stuffy about Charles tearing it up on the dance floor. We’re not sure how historically accurate this scene is (is this what Judi Dench didn’t want us to see?), but we would love to see Charles recreate it at his coronation next year.

Check out Prince Charles’ moves in the video above, and then hit the comments to share your thoughts on what you’ve seen of Season 5 of The Crown so far.

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