The Expanse’s Wes Chatham shares how Amos ‘evolved’ in series: Strong sense of guilt

The Expanse: Trailer for final season of sci-fi epic

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The Expanse has now entered its final season, bringing the iconic character’s arcs to an end. Amos Burton (played by Wes Chatham) has always been a fan-favourite for his loyalty and resolve, but that will be tested in season six. Amos is now questioning why he is still fighting after all these years and Chatham revealed to what to expect from him in the final season on Amazon Prime Video. 

The first episode of season six revealed that the Rocinante and her crew have been locked into a war for several months.

Tensions between the OPA and the inner planets reached a new high in season five, culminating in an asteroid attack on Earth itself.

Months later, the Earth is still being bombarded and the two sides are in a brutal stalemate.

Morale is low in the crew, led by Jim Holden (Steven Strait), but one member the team can rely on is Amos, the one constant of the ship.

Yet, it is clear the events of season five changed him, revealing a great deal about his tragic and harsh childhood on Earth. 

Now accompanied by Clarissa ‘Peaches’ Mao (Nadine Nicole), some fans are concerned Amos is potentially looking for an exit from the crew.

However, while speaking to, Chatham reassured fans that Amos wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

“I think that his loyalty was actually reinforced,” Chatham explained, adding: “His loyalty and safety to his crew was always one of those things that was really important to Amos.

“But as he’s evolved and he’s actually evaluating the new situation, he is suspecting that Holden might be motivated by a strong sense of guilt.

“Amos doesn’t truly understand it and he’s really questioning what is motivating Holden.

“He’s starting to think, ‘why are we involved, we don’t have allegiances to any of these factions, why are we putting our lives at risk?’

“It doesn’t change the respect and relationship he has with Holden, but he is starting to question why are you putting the crew’s lives at risk?”

Chatham went on to say how Amos’ first instinct is always survival, and this is clashing with Holden who is always putting him at needless risk.

The crew has been through lows before, with all of them separated in the fifth season.

Now that they are all back together, they have had time to revaluate their lives away from the ship, and perhaps some of them no longer want to be a part of it.

While Amos may be questioning his motives, fans can rest assured that he will remain a loyal member of the team.

As season six is the final for the series, viewers will have to see how the showrunners decide to leave the characters for the last time. 

Fans of the original book series by James S A Corey will know how the characters end up, but it is likely there will be some changes made for the series.

This is because there are nine books in the novel series, not just six, meaning the show will need to alter the ending significantly to fit it within the constricted timeframe.

After the death of Alex (Cas Anvar) at the end of season five, fans are bracing themselves for an emotionally challenging season.

With the full-blown war in the solar system, anything could happen to the Rocinante and her team in the last season.

The Expanse seasons 1-6 are available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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