The Handmaid’s Tale show boss hints June will NEVER make it to Canada with brutal Gilead clue

THE Handmaid’s Tale's show boss has hinted June will NEVER make it to Canada with a brutal Gilead clue.

The character – played by Elisabeth Moss in the hit show – has managed to smuggle her own baby out of Gilead as well as dozens of other children.

But showrunner Bruce Miller has hinted June won't make it out herself, despite husband Luke and best friend Moira – who have made it to Canada – knowing she's alive and doing everything in their power to get her back.

Speaking to TV Guide, he said: "All the people in Toronto are showing us what June has waiting for her if she does ever get out.

"You're kind of telling those stories of possible routes for June, but it's not all going to be sunshine and lollipops.

"We are following June, and June lives in Gilead, and Gilead is not a nice place.

“And it will continue to be not a nice place. And we try to be very realistic about what would probably happen and how would things work."

Despite Bruce's comments, some fans are convinced June will somehow make it across the border to safety.

Taking to Reddit, one viewer wrote: "It seems like most of us are so ready for June to escape Gilead.

"I’ve been thinking about it and the only way I can see her getting out of this situation with a gunshot wound is if Luke, Rita, and the others convince someone in Canada to go get her (maybe a powerful parent reunited with their child).

"With the mess going on right now they might be able to pull off an extraction.”

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