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The Murder of Jill Dando: ‘Unbelievably sad’ Viewers in tears over Jill Dando’s death

The Murder of Jill Dando aired on BBC One this evening, and the documentary went over the murder of the BBC news presenter which has still not been solved twenty years on.

The documentary focused on the main people involved in the case: Jill’s friends, family, the investigators and her BBC colleagues.

Viewers ended up taking to Twitter during the programme to comment on how upsetting the case was, and to reveal that they remember it like it was yesterday.

One viewer took to Twitter to say: “The Murder of Jill Dando on @BBCOne – I remember it like it was yesterday. There may be tears.”

Another said: “Wow can’t believe it’s been 20 years since #JillDando was murdered. She was on TV throughout my childhood & teens. It’s so sad they never caught the person.”

A third viewer commented: “I remember crying so much about #JillDando murder. It sticks out more for me than Twin Towers or Princess Diana.”

“Jill Dando seemed really lovely. I clearly remember the shockwaves at her murder, can’t believe it’s 20 years,” wrote one further viewer.

One viewer added: “Jill Dando was lovely. Quality presenter. Can’t believe it was twenty years ago.”

Another admirer of Jill’s wrote: “Watching the Jill Dando programme and you forget what a lovely person she was. What an absolute waste of a life cut short in awful circumstances. Rest in Peace Jill.”

One viewer tweeted: “The murder of Jill Dando… I remember it like it was yesterday! Shocking.”

“This Jill Dando programme is so painful. Unbelievably sad,” wrote one more viewer.

Jill Dando was shot and killed with a single bullet to the head on April 26, 1999, which makes it almost twenty years exactly since her murder.

The shooting took place in broad daylight at midday on the doorstep of her home in Fulham, London.

Her neighbour, Helen Doble, discovered Dando’s body.

She was taken to Charing Cross Hospital and was declared dead on arrival at 13:03 BST.

The night before, Dando had been staying at her fiancé Alan Fathering’s home in Chiswick.

She arrived at her home the following morning, after a shopping trip in Hammersmith.

At the time of Dando’s death, she was the presenter of BBC’s Crimewatch.

She was best known for her work on the Six O’Clock News, Crimewatch and Holiday and was one of the BBC’s most high profile staff, winning BBC Personality of the Year in 1997.

Her death shocked the whole of Britain, including the government and the Queen.

The Queen pronounced herself “shocked and saddened”, and the home secretary said her death was “a tragic and appalling loss”.

The Murder of Jill Dando premiered tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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