The reason Chris Evans created a social media scandal

Everyone makes mistakes, though some are more embarrassing than others. Just ask actor Chris Evans, who created a social media scandal in September 2020 when he accidentally shared a picture of an erect penis on Instagram. Oops! The Marvel star was playing a game of Head’s Up on the platform and shared a video without trimming the clip, and eventually revealed his camera roll, which included a picture of a penis, presumably his own. He quickly deleted the clip, per Page Six, but when there are 6 million people following you, there’s bound to be a screenshot taken of anything shared to your page, which is exactly what happened. 

Evans had to have been mortified, as anyone understandably would be, but in a show of support for the 37-year-old actor, fans began to flood social media and remind people that he suffers from anxiety and to respect his privacy. Others started tweeting pics of Evans with puppies and in other more suitable for work situations so that any screenshots of the nude were essentially flooded out. People aren’t always kind when nudes leak, so it was nice to see that people had his back — including some of his famous buddies.

People wanted to protect Chris Evans' privacy

Chris Evans’ viral picture even caught the attention of his Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo, who tweeted at Evans, “Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining.” Scott Evans, a comedian and Chris’ brother, also poked some fun at Captain America himself. Scott tweeted, “Was off social media for the day yesterday. So. What’d I miss?” 

While some made jokes, others rallied around the star. “Chris Evans has done so many wonderful and kind things for our community. Today he mistakenly posted a personal image for a brief moment before taking it down. Chris has struggled with depression and panic attacks. Please respect him and his family delete that photo,” one person tweeted. Another added, “Everyone has seen a penis before. There’s no need to see this particular person’s penis. Leave Chris Evans alone.” 

One person noted the double standard that some women face, adding, “I loved the way how people are supporting #ChrisEvans with so much positivity and love to keep his mental health in sound state. I really wish and hope that if a girl’s nudes are leaked unintentionally, we people will help her in the same way instead of just sl*t shaming her!” Hopefully, Evans is doing just fine and knows that eventually the internet will forget all about this scandal. 

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