The Undoing's Lily Rabe claims 'there's much more to cover' calling for season 2 to dig into Grace and Sylvia's past

THE Undoing actress Lily Rabe admitted she'd sign up for a follow-up "in a heartbeat" as "there's so much more" to explore for her character.

American Horror Story star Lily, 38, played Sylvia Steinetz – a high flying lawyer and one of the characters initially suspected of Elena Alves' murder.

As viewers of the Sky Atlantic series are now all too aware it was Hugh Grant's character, Dr Jonathan Fraser, who committed the gory crime – with the Notting Hill actor urging show bosses to "make me a monster."

Yet Lily, who played Jonathan's wife Grace's best friend, believes there's more to be explored within her relationship with Nicole Kidman's character.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the New York native said: "Part of what's wonderful about the show is the mystery around so many of the characters.

"It is only six episodes. There are only so many things that we're ever going to find out. It's like the tip of the iceberg for so many characters.

"Really, there's so much more, but that's what's so great about the show. It leaves you wanting more. It's definitely better than the alternative."

Lily also delved deep about her character's closeness with therapist Grace, who was also in the frame for Elena's murder after she failed to remember key details about the night in question.

She added to the website: "I think knowing more about the history of those two families, of Sylvia's family and Grace's family, and what that history is – I think Sylvia has known Grace and Franklin since she was born.

"So those 'forever' relationships, and how they evolve – and certainly after this, I would like to know more. There would be a lot there."

Yet she admitted there hadn't been anything concrete from The Undoing bosses for a follow up.

She surmised: "But yes, I would do it in a heartbeat. When we set out to do it, it had a beginning, middle, and an end. I guess you never know."

Meanwhile, in another project, Lily confirmed filming for season 10 of American Horror Story is underway.

Fans were convinced the star would make a return after her stunt double was accidentally left on the cast list.

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