'The Walking Dead' Cast Adding Hilarie Burton as Lucille – the Human Being, Not Negan's Baseball Bat

Lucille is a familiar name for fans of The Walking Dead – it’s the name Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) gives to his deadly baseball bat. But it was also the name of his dead wife. And now, Lucille – the character, not the bat – has been cast in the series, with Hilarie Burton set to play the part. This is interesting for multiple reasons. One is that Lucille is dead, which means her addition implying flashbacks. The other is that despite being mentioned in the core comics, the character herself is never seen.

THR and others are reporting that Hilarie Burton will play Negan’s wife Lucille, who will “appear in the upcoming batch of season 10 bonus episodes.” You can expect her appearence to either be part of a flashback or a dream sequence, since Lucille is dead. Here’s more info on the character from the Walking Dead Wiki:

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