‘The whole barn’s in tears!’ The Repair Shop’s Steve Fletcher on emotional moment on set

The Repair Shop: Steve Fletcher on why the show is so emotional

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Steve Fletcher has spoken out about the emotional side of his job. He’s one of the expert craftspeople on The Repair Shop who work hard to restore treasured belongings to their former glory. Steve sees a wide range of antiques and family heirlooms brought onto the BBC show and understands the special connection people can have with them. In a recent interview, the star confessed there have been several tearful moments while filming the current series of the show.

Along with his sister and fellow star of The Repair Shop, Suzie Fletcher, Steve chatted about the show in a recent interview on BBC Radio Two.

Steve usually works as a horologist – someone that specialises in clocks.

However, he insisted he enjoys the variety of mechanical repair work he gets to do on the BBC show.

“I love being given unusual things to repair, things that I’ve not repaired before,” Steve enthused, detailing the passion he has for his work.

The craft expert also commented on the popularity of the restoration programme, sharing his thoughts on what draws viewers in.

“I think the thing is that the audience sees someone bring something in and they are hoping that item is going to be repaired because they invest in the story as well,” he explained.

Steve admitted he often becomes emotionally invested in the restoration projects himself.

The Repair Shop star explained: “These stories, they are real stories.

“The emotions are absolutely real to the extent that sometimes the whole barn is sort of in tears,” Steve confessed.

Suzie chimed in, sharing her thoughts on the popularity of the show: “There’s the human touch isn’t there?

“Everybody can relate to the story that’s being shared in one way or another,” she remarked.

She hinted viewers can expect to see more emotional moments throughout the current series of the show.

Being cautious not to give away any spoilers, Suzie revealed the restoration of a special shoe was a particularly “emotional” process for her.

She teased: “Hugely emotional. It carries the most important story for a family, but also one that I think the nation can really get behind.”

When asked if the restoration of the shoe sparked any tears on the show, Suzie admitted: “I cried.”

Suzie noted that as well as creating an emotional response, The Repair Shop seems to spark “curiosity” in some viewers.

The leather expert explained some fans contact her with questions after watching the show.

She said: “People contact us privately and say ‘But, how does that work? How do you make that happen?’

“It’s just grown this huge interest,” the BBC star revealed.

The Repair Shop airs Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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