This Morning's Phillip Schofield rows with guest over Prince Harry and tells Holly Willoughby 'shut your face'

THIS Morning’s Phillip Schofield kicked off the week on fiery form today as he took a guest to task over comments on Prince Harry.

The 59-year-old later cheekily told co-host Holly Willoughby to “shut her face” in a debate on how to cut scones.

During the daily news segment, the topic of Harry’s latest interview – on a podcast with American actor Dax Shephard – was raised.

Phillip quickly launched into a rant about the coverage of the chat, saying: “I thought the podcast was shockingly done, they are dreadful interviewers. Just shut up and let him speak. So I didn't think that was any good anyway. 

“What was interesting was that when you listen to the full podcast you see the headlines. When he was in the Truman Show – big headline, no he was fed that line and then he repeated it.  So there was a lot that was very unfair.

“I thought he was incredibly eloquent over mental health and I went into that podcast thinking ‘oh harry, do shut up’ and came out of it thinking ‘good on you’.”

Guest Gyles Brandeth joined in and said: “I’ll just chip in to say one of the reasons he’s in trouble with America is for saying the 1st amendment is bonkers. Calling it bonkers is not a good idea.”

But Phillip quickly interrupted him to set him straight, saying:  “Giles, giles, I have got to say he didn’t say that. When he was asked about it he said ‘i don’t want to comment about the first amendment, i have only just arrived here, it’s really quite confusing for someone like me, it’s a bit bonkers’.”

During the next segment, Holly expressed shock at the way Phillip was cutting this scones.

She exclaimed: "What are you doing? Why…"

Phil, who grew up in Cornwall and is clearly passionate about scones, replied: "Shut your face. You're giving me a hard time for cutting this and…"

Holly told him: "It's fine. Tuck in."

Phillip said: "I have every intention of doing exactly that. If you put a scone in front of me then I am definitely going to do it the Cornish way."


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