Tipping Point fans dub ITV show ‘quiz for four year olds’ after easy questions

Tipping Point fans have dubbed the latest episode of the ITV show a "quiz for four-year-olds" after the contestants were seen answering "the easiest questions ever".

As fans tuned in to the programme on Monday afternoon to watch the contestants take on a general knowledge quiz, viewers took to Twitter to bash the difficulty of the questions after easy topics such as teabags and cartoons were offered up to delighted participants.

One question asked by host Ben Shepard read "How many premier league teams have Manchester in its name?" and another was: "Which hot drink has leaves that brew in water?"

Taking to social media, one bemused fan commented: “How many teams named Manchester? Is this a quiz for 4 year olds”

A second fan blasted: “How many premier league teams have manchester in its name? Not mastermind is it! #tippingpoint”

Another question asked contestant Luke what the name of the cowboy character was in Pixar classic Toy Story, to which he incorrectly replied “sheriff”.

Shocked fans, who know the famous character as Woody, blasted: “Luke had no childhood, who the hell hasn’t seen Toy Story.”

A second added: “These are the easiest questions ever! Sounds like a really low IQ bar for today's contestants.”

Further questions dubbed too easy for the show were: "Who was the ruling British monarch when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister?", "A Very Pooh Year’ stars which fictional bear?" and "Name a very large striped cat."

Fans were shocked when a contestant answered “zebra” for a striped cat and passed on the Winnie the pooh question.

One fan blasted: “That well-known large cat, the zebra #je*uschr*st”

With another adding: “How did she pass on Winnie the Pooh – the answer is in the question – fictional bear!”

Contestant Beth went home as the winner despite passing on a most of her questions in the final round.

“Beth will be lucky if she gets on the right train home as will probably have to guess that too … #tippingpoint,” commented one viewer.

Good Morning Britain host Ben recently shared a candid update on social media of his recovery after badly damaging his knee over the New Year.

Sharing a video of muscle stimulators vibrating intensely on his leg, he said: “Had a knee incident over NY so back on the @complex_uk to get the muscle firing!!! Always looks like something out of Aliens!”

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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