‘To take away hope is unfair’ A Place in the Sun’s Lee slams government over travel policy

Lee Juggurnauth discusses government's 'unfair' travel advice

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During Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV hosts Adil Ray and Susanna Reid invited Professor John Ashton and A Place in the Sun presenter Lee Juggurnauth on to the show to speak about the confusion over foreign travel. As of Monday, May 17, people were given the green light to travel to certain green listed countries, like Portugal. However, certain members of Parliament, including Boris Johnson have since told people not to travel.

Speaking about the confusion over travelling abroad, Lee began: “I think we are all in the middle ground and we just don’t know what is going on.

“I think giving the tier system, the amber system, the red light and the green light, it is confusing.

“But should we stop holidays? No. We should just be a bit more cautious.

“A Place in the Sun on Channel 4 the show that I work on, we have been very careful.  We haven’t filmed for six to eight months.”



He continued: “As long as there is clarity, we don’t know the situation for people not getting the vaccine for example.

“We are getting to the point where most people will be vaccinated – I think as long as we have that there’s no reason why we can’t look forward.”

“What needs to be done is measures need to be implemented,” he blasted.

“To take away that hope from people is unfair the government needs to put something in place.”

More to follow…

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