Vikings’ Ragnar star shares the ‘best thing he ever did’ – and it’s not the History series

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Travis Fimmel became a TV sensation when he embodied Viking legend Ragnar Lothbrok for the first four seasons of the popular History series. With his new series Raised By Wolves now airing on HBO Max, the star has revealed what he believes is his best work of his career so far. 


Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) led the charge for the first four seasons of stellar historical series Vikings. 

Following his tenure as the medieval warrior, Fimmel took a hiatus from TV roles but was drawn back to the small screen by Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi drama, Raised By Wolves. 

Fimmel stars as Marcus, a human fighting for survival in a mysterious future on a distant planet ruled by renegade androids. 

Raised By Wolves has been well-received as a surprise hit for this year’s TV season, and has just been renewed for a second season by HBO.

Famed filmmaker Ridley Scott draws from his science fiction pedigree as the director of Alien and Blade Runner, and the series has been praised for its stunning visuals and tense drama. 

The former Vikings star’s new role is hoped to be just as memorable as his four-season run as Ragnar.

However, Travis Fimmel turned heads when he confessed picking exciting projects wasn’t actually the best thing he’s done for his career over the years.

During an interview with Backstage, the star detailed the impact his years of extensive acting training have had on his stunning performances.

Fimmel explained: “The best thing I ever did for my career was study a lot, go to acting class a lot.”

Before he became a household name as Vikings’ first principal lead, Fimmel modelled in Australia before training for two years with famed acting coach Ivana Chubbuck.

The star credits his studying as the driving force behind his confidence and acting abilities to this day. 

Fimmel went on: “A lot of ‘cool actors’ say that they never went to class and all that. Most of them are lying all the time; everybody goes to class.”

Although acting in Hollywood and prestige TV projects gets more time in the spotlight than other professions, Fimmel insisted performers put in just as much effort to ensure they’re delivering their best work.

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He quipped: “It’s like, imagine playing in the NFL and not having a coach. 

“You’re just going to be a doctor? You’ll need to study if you want to be a good doctor.”

As well as his rugged hero roles in Vikings and Raised by Wolves, Fimmel has also demonstrated his range in a variety of smaller projects.

He showcased his sensitivity as a caring father in Lean On Pete, and took on a more comedic role in Maggie’s Plan.

The star also landed the lead role of Anduin Lothar in video game blockbuster Warcraft, and has several more film projects lined up for the next few years.

Despite his success, Travis Fimmel has remained humble and made sure to credit his years of hard work, as well as his acting mentors, for his storied career.

He added: “I don’t know why it’s a cool thing for people to say that they didn’t study.” 

“So many people say it. They don’t want to give credit to anybody else.”

Raised By Wolves’ first season comes to an end this month, and it is also hoped he will make one final appearance as Ragnar Lothbrok for the final season of Vikings.

Raised By Wolves concludes next Thursday on HBO Max. Vikings season 6 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. 

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