What comes next in Geoff and Yasmeen in Corrie? Huge spoilers revealed

Geoff Metcalfe’s (Ian Bartholomew) controlling behaviour towards his wife Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) in Coronation Street is high on the list of the show’s most dramatic and dark storylines. What started as a small storyline that saw Geoff control Yasmeen in minor ways like telling her not to wear a specific scarf has now formed into this incredibly layered scenario with viewers crossing their fingers that Geoff’s true nature is soon discovered and gets his comeuppance.

There have been so many twists and turns to this storyline, and no matter how many times we’ve thought it would be the end and Yasmeen would finally realise she was being controlled, something new would be thrown into the mix and the thought of Yasmeen being free from Geoff’s clutches would seem further away than ever before.

However, with Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) determined to get her gran out of prison and more Weatherfield residents beginning to realise that there’s a darker side to the hospital radio presenter, it’s clear that time is running out for Geoff.

The nightmare certainly isn’t over yet for Yasmeen, so what happens next? We’ve been taking an in-depth look into the story so far to try and work out what’s on the horizon…

Will Elaine destroy Geoff?

Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) hasn’t been on the Street for long but as someone who was previously abused by Geoff, and is the mother of Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine), she has made quite the impact. Elaine is now playing a pinnacle role in getting Yasmeen out of prison but we have seen this new character show her fragility a lot as a result of her own experience with Geoff. A simple glance at Geoff on the Street was enough to scare Elaine and last week we saw her secretly meet with Alya in Speed Daal, and found herself torn on whether to leave or help Yasmeen secure her freedom.

Will Elaine be the one to destroy Geoff? Right now it’s hard to say, but if Elaine realises how much Geoff has manipulated Tim all of his life and has even convinced him that Elaine isn’t his mum, this could be enough for her to put an end to Geoff’s wicked ways. After all, a mother’s love for their child is one of the strongest feelings to push anyone to new extremes…

Will Tim see the light?

Despite Sally’s (Sally Dynevor) constant attempts at trying to make Tim realise that Yasmeen shouldn’t be the one in prison, he is yet to accept the fact that his dad is an abuser. We’ve got to give Tim the benefit of the doubt a little, Geoff raised him so of course he would find it difficult to see who is dad really is.

Let’s not forget that Tim is constantly being manipulated by Geoff as much as Sally and Alya try to change Tim’s mind, a minor comment from Geoff is enough to make Tim still side with his dad. The only person who can now make Tim see the light is himself, but what will it take? One thing we haven’t discovered yet is why or how Geoff told Tim his mum is dead. If this starts to play on Tim’s mind and he confronts Geoff about it, can Geoff really lie about something so important? Or is this the only opportunity that Tim will have to find out the truth?

Will this split Tim and Sally up?

Sally was in prison for a crime she didn’t commit back in 2018, so she knows exactly what Yasmeen is feeling. The fact that Tim and Sally are so different is what makes their relationship such a joy to watch on screen, so if forced to choose between supporting Geoff and Yasmeen, and given Sally’s respect for her father-in-law being slim to none, we are starting to worry this tricky situation could be enough to split this couple up.

Is there another surprise on the way?

While we don’t think any new characters will arrive on the Street and add to the ever growing amount of people who want to free Yasmeen from prison, it’s possible another resident of Weatherfield could surprise us all with their change in views. We’ve seen Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) side with her granddad throughout the aftermath of Yasmeen’s arrest, but another twist in this tale could see the teenager realise Yasmeen was telling the truth all along, which could well prompt Tim to side with his daughter also…

Could Yasmeen grow strong enough to fight?

Yasmeen is safe from Geoff at the moment while she recovers from her heart attack in hospital, but all that she’s been through so far is starting to take it’s toll on the beloved character. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping it won’t be too long until Yasmeen gets out of hospital but as her living arrangement is currently a prison cell, the thought of going back there may be too much for her to cope with.

One very large hurdle Yasmeen is yet to jump over, is accepting that Elaine was abused in the same way she was. If she listens to Elaine again and recognises the similarities between her own ordeal and Elaine’s, this could be the perfect person for Yasmeen to grow strong again realise that she does have support around her and most importantly, she has support from someone that knows exactly what she’s been through.


What does the end of this storyline mean for Geoff?

This coercive control storyline can’t continue forever, the end of it is very much in sight but the question is; what does the end of this storyline mean for Geoff? In the past, Corrie villains have been arrested yes, but past Corrie villains have also died whether that be through a fault of their own or a murder. So which ending will one of Corrie’s most manipulative characters have?

Will Geoff go to prison?

Of course it will be brilliant to see a police officer take Geoff down from the court and into a dark and dingy cell for the rest of his days, but would Geoff being in prison only stir up more trouble? Or could being behind bars and not seeing the outside world for years be enough for Geoff to realise Yasmeen has won the fight?

Don’t forget though, any character exit that doesn’t involve a death means the door is potentially open for them to return at a later date, and we wouldn’t want that…would we?

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