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‘What do humans do!?’ Chris Packham in row over animal protection on Jeremy Vine

Chris Packham is no stranger to arguing for better animal protection methods in the United Kingdom. The presenter appeared on Jeremy Vine earlier today to discuss his aim to increase the number of trees in the country, but talk turned to conservation as a whole.

Chris explained how he is trying his best to protect all species, regardless of what they look like. 

The presenter said: “I spend a lot of my time trying to engender respect for all life. We can’t pick and choose – it’s not survival of the cutest. 

“If we keep all of the koala bears and all of the chimpanzees and dolphins, they’re not going to survive. We need a functional eco-system.”

Jeremy didn’t seem convinced, and asked: “Even the mosquito that carries malaria?”


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Chris confirmed the planet does need the flying insect as it is part of a grander scheme. 

Martin Kemp asked: “Wasps? What do wasps do?”

Chris snapped back: “They are there to do a job. What do humans do?”

He continued: “Wasps are actually an important insect predator.”

Talk then turned to Chris’s impact on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! following a passionate speech he gave at the Animal Heroes Award.

Meanwhile, viewers were quick to praise Chris for his views earlier today as they wrote their thoughts on Twitter.

One said: “I rather like Chris Packham. He doesn’t think he’s ‘it’ he doesn’t push politics and he doesn’t have an album to sell ~ #JeremyVine.”

A second shared: “Chris Packham is very interesting and informative.”

A third commented: “Well said @ChrisGPackham all life needs to be respected.”

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A fourth pledged: “@ChrisGPackham @theJeremyVine instead of sending Christmas Cards, I will donate the funds to plant trees…”

“Love Chris not here to make friends here to make a difference if everyone thought that way  #JeremyVine,” said a fifth.

Earlier on the show, Martin Kemp hit out at all politicians for their inability to complete Brexit. 

The UK was supposed to be leaving the EU a long time ago, but after many votes, there have been two delays with another seemingly on its way. 


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Kemp raged: “I think the speech from Corbyn yesterday was a complete cover up for the interview – the disastrous interview – that he gave. I watched that interview and it was just like a joke.”

“I am so upset with politicians in general at the moment because of Brexit. 

“It’s kind of giving us this new light on politics where we don’t believe anybody anymore. And that is a fact of life.”

Jeremy Vine airs weekdays on Channel 5 from 9.15am. 

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