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What’s on TV: Saturday, July 20

Shakespeare and Hathaway

ABC, 7.30pm

A detective show called Shakespeare and Hathaway? Fantastic! The legendary bard and his no-nonsense wife, solving crimes in Tudor England. What a brilliant concept! Except, no, this isn't about that Shakespeare and Hathaway, it's just a pair of private investigators in modern-day Stratford called Frank Hathaway and Luella Shakespeare.

Jo Joyner as Luella Shakespeare and Mark Benton as Frank Hathaway.

It's always a bit suss when a show features such obtrusive names: it strongly suggests the monikers are being used as a substitute for making the characters interesting. This quietly unoriginal show is no exception to this rule, as Frank (Mark Benton) and Luella (Jo Joyner) engage in good-natured banter, try to wring every drop of quirkiness from their mildly defined character traits, and fail to justify the show's title in any way.

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