Wheel of Time release time: What time does Amazon Prime series air?

The Wheel Of Time: Rosamund Pike stars in trailer

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The Wheel of Time is the first major adaptation of Robert Jordan’s hit fantasy novel series. Originally written in 1990, the books span years and have accumulated countless fans for their sweeping storytelling. Amazon Prime Video hopes to capture the same success on screen, with the premiere just around the corner.

What time does Wheel of Time air?

The Wheel of Time was first announced back in 2019, and after an agonising wait for fans of the novel, the show is finally here.

After suffering several delays and setbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the release date was moved to late 2021.

Thankfully, the wait is over, with the show premiering on Friday 19 November, exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Typically, Amazon Prime drops new content at midnight of the release date, though it has been known to be later than that.

Some shows have premiered around 8am (UK time), and it is never late than this. 

For those viewers who are keen to catch the show as soon as possible, they will have to keep their eyes peeled on Prime Video in the early hours.

Amazon Prime has big plans for the series, with the platform banking on the series capturing the same fanbase as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

In fact, Prime is so confident in the show, season two was green lit early in 2021, months ahead of the premiere.

What is Wheel of Time about?

Robert Jordan’s novels spanned from 1990 to 2013, with there being a total of 14 in the entire series.

Sadly, Jordan tragically passed away in 2007, meaning the last three books in the series were completed by author Brandon Sanderson.

In this universe, only women can access magic, but not all have the ability to wield it.

One who can harness it is Moiraine (played by Rosamund Pike), a member of a magical order known as Aes Sedai. 

The original novel, and likely the show, kicks off when Moiraine enters the small town of Two Rivers.

She is on a quest to find the Dragon Reborn, a fabled figure who will have the power to either save humanity or bring it to an end.

Over the course of the novels, and likely the show, fans are introduced to countless characters, locations, and a vast lore which stretches back thousands of years.

With season two already in early development, viewers can rest assured this adaptation will be covering a lot of the ground established in the books.

 Speaking to IGN, Pike teased her character, saying Moiraine will “keep an audience guessing as to her motives”.

Pike added: “Although she’s feared, so that makes her an interesting balance, because there’s a lot of talk about Aes Sedai in the world of The Wheel of Time.

“There are many people who have heard of Aes Sedai and have varying conceptions about what they are.

“People believe they’re monsters, people believe they’re to be feared, people believe they’re in league with the Dark One, and some believe they’re a force for good.”

The Wheel of Time will premiere on Friday November 19 exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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