Who plays chef Rudy on Mom cast? French Stewart is back for new episode

Mom on CBS is all-new this week and it should be big on laughs thanks, in part, to the return of one actor. French Stewart returns to the Mom cast as chef Rudy in an all-new episode of the show.

Chef Rudy ran the kitchen where Christy (played by Anna Faris) worked for years. He was a regular cast member but hasn’t appeared very often on the Mom cast since the show had a major shift.

In the new episode, called Flamingoes and a Dance-Based Exercise class, Bonnie and the other ladies will help Tammy (Kristen Johnston) for her first date since leaving prison.

This is where Christy is going to have a run-in with chef Rudy, bringing back some of the past humor that the show has worked with.

— Mom (@MomCBS) December 6, 2018

Who plays chef Rudy on Mom cast?

Actor French Stewart was an important supporting character on the Mom cast when the show got started. Anytime Christy was at her job, there would be some sort of joke that involved Chef Rudy and how he interacted with the rest of the staff at the restaurant.

The return of French Stewart is a reunion with the newer character played by Kristen Johnston, as they both co-starred on 3rd Rock From the Sun for years. Stewart has also appeared on shows like NCIS, Roseanne, The Middle, and Secrets and Lies.

This will be the last episode before the Mom fall finale, and it’s fun that the cast has a lot of notable guest stars along for the ride. Make sure to tune in for the new installment.

Mom airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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