Why do singers wear earpieces in Eurovision?

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The Eurovision Song Contest grand final aired this evening with the nations battling out for victory. Each of the contestants performed before the lines were thrown open to the public to vote. Audiences at home couldn’t fail to notice all of the singers with earpieces.

Why do singers wear earpieces in Eurovision?

The artists sing with earpieces in to protect their ears from the sound of the crowd.

The earpieces are said to act like a plug of sorts to shut out external noises which may affect their performance, including shouts from the crowd.

This year the Eurovision Song Contest is taking place at the Pala Olimpico in Turin, which has a capacity for 12,350.

Given the venue is packed out with excited Eurovision fans, it makes for the acts to wear earpieces to shut out the noise.

The only thing the singers wearing the earpieces can hear is the mic at a safe volume and keep it at a safe level, according to Headphonesty.

The site advises people to choose them carefully as there are different fits for different ears.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be available on the BBC iPlayer following the broadcast

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