Why Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks doesn’t want another kid

When Cameran Eubanks first appeared on Southern Charm, she was, as Kathryn Dennis so blithely put it during Season 7, “a guy’s girl that is wearing Lilly Pulitzer with a big old smile and perfect teeth.” She was arguably the “mom” of the group, as most of her storylines revolved around urging friends like Shep Rose and Craig Conover to grow up and settle down.

But now that Cameran is officially a mom to baby girl Palmer, born in 2017, she’s left the show indefinitely. But lest anyone think that she’s going to use her time to expand her family, Cam has made it very clear that she has no intention of having another baby, despite her husband Jason Wimberly’s insistence. 

Cameran had seemingly wanted to have a kid with her anesthesiologist hubby, but one is enough for the reality star and author. And if you can recall how miserable she was in Season 5 — making Shep drive down cobblestoned alleys to induce labor, and then later, managing to feel like herself again once Palmer was down for a nap and her boobs stopped leaking milk — can you really blame her? 

Cameran Eubanks told her husband she didn't want any kid in the first place

In May 2019, Cameran Eubanks told People that when Jason Wimberly proposed, she gave him fair warning that a huge family was not something that she ever envisioned for herself. She said of his desire to have a baby, “I was on the fence about having one in the first place and again when [husband Jason] got down on his knee. I said, ‘Hold up. Just so you know, if kids are a non-negotiable for you, you can’t marry me because I might not give them to you.'”

Eventually, they did have one child in 2017, but that’s where it’s going to stop. Cam doesn’t feel any pressure to keep procreating.  She told People, “The big thing [I hear] is, ‘Well, you need to give her a sibling. That’s so selfish.’ And I say, ‘I can either give her a sibling or I can give her a sane mother.’ And I think giving her a happy, healthy, mentally sane mother is way more important than a brother or sister that she’s probably gonna fight with anyway.”

While Cam obviously loves Palmer like only a mother can, she also said her anxiety has “gone through the roof” and that she does envy her single friends sometimes. So at the end of the day, one and done is the best thing for Cam and Jason’s family. For now, at least.

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