Why was Youngblood from Dog the Bounty Hunter arrested?

TIM "Youngblood" Chapman was known as Dog the Bounty Hunter's left-hand man in the popular reality show.

Almost a decade after Dog The Bounty Hunter ended, Youngblood has kept a low profile.

Tim "Youngblood" Chapman is one of dog's associates who helped track down and capture the fugitives.

Although Youngblood and Dog share the same last name, the two are not related.

The third generation bondsman, now in his sixties, appeared on the show until it ended in 2012.

Distractify reported that Youngblood took time off for one season of the show after he was arrested in 2008.

He was charged with first-degree terroristic threatening and indecent exposure after officers responded to a report of a man fondling himself in a vehicle parked outside a shopping center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Chapman's lawyer claimed he had spilled orange juice on his pants and he was changing them.

He was found not guilty at his trial and was acquitted of the charges.

The native Californian is a single father and is said to have retired from bounty hunting altogether.

He divorced his wife Davina Chapman for allegedly cheating on him.

He has three children: Tim Chapman Jr, Storm Hunter Chapman and Thunder Cloud Chapman.

According to wikicelebinfo.com, Tim's net worth was estimated at $3million.

Outside of the show, Tim is a motivational speaker, life coach and author.

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