Will Shetland return for season 7?

SHETLAND season 6 came to a close on BBC One yesterday evening (November 24).

Fans are now wondering if  DI Jimmy Perez will be back for Shetland season 7?

Will Shetland return for season 7? 

Shetland, which is based on the books by author Ann Cleeves, will return for season 7.

Following the end of season five, Shetland was given a double renewal in December 2019.

It was originally planned to be released in 2020 and 2021, but due to the coronavirus it has been pushed forward. 

A new release date is yet to be announced for the seventh series of Shetland.

However, actor Douglas Henshall has given fans an exciting update.

The DI Perez star confirmed filming on Shetland had finished on October 7.

He tweeted: "We are wrapped on Shetland.

"Production now moves to Glasgow for the rest of season seven.

"As ever, thank you to the people here for your help, support and patience. We couldn't do it without you."

What happened in season 6 of Shetland?

Shetland season six saw Perez and his team investigate the doorstep murder of a leading figure on Shetland. 

Teasing the plot, Douglas Henshall said: "A very prominent and well-loved local is murdered outside their front door, and we set out to investigate what's obviously a big deal because they're a very important person. And the personal side of it is that his mum's died, so that kind of hangs over him throughout the whole season, and also his dad's got the beginnings of Alzheimer's, or dementia. So there's quite a lot of family stuff going on this year with him."

The BBC teased that the case will take "a shockingly sinister turn". 

Season six also saw the return of murderer Donna Killick, whose compassionate release aggrieves many of the locals not least Kate Kilmuir, the victim’s sister.


The final episode of season six saw victory for Jimmy and his team.

They were able to solve the murder which they were investigating for so long – to identify the killer of lawyer Alex Galbraith.

In a last-minute twist, it was revealed that it was Galbraith's own wife, Eve (Cora Bissett), who shot him dead – and their daughter knew all along.

She also ordered Niven Guthrie, the manager of her election campaign, to silence Eamon Gauldie, which is how he ended up dead at the end of the first episode of the series.

However, it was what happened after that left fans in shock.

Many suspected Donna Killick (Fiona Bell) was up to something when she asked Duncan (Mark Bonnar) to post a letter to her solicitor and was proven right.

It was revealed that she had written that, if she were to die, it would be because Duncan had murdered her – framing him for her death, even though she coerced him into it.

If that wasn't shocking enough, she also wrote that Perex would attempt to cover for him, meaning that she would get her final revenge on the two men that put her behind bars.

Duncan voluntarily handed himself over to the police in an effort to protect his friend, but it wasn't enough as the episode ends with Perez being arrested.

How can I watch it?

To watch any previous episodes or season of Shetland head over to BBC iPlayer where they are available to watch.

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