Woke TV bosses slap a 'racist terms' warning on Da Ali G Show on BritBox

WOKE telly bosses have slapped a warning on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show.

Streaming platform Britbox will alert viewers to “racist terms” on the show, first aired on Channel 4 in 2000.

But there will be no homophobic warning, despite Ali G calling gay men “batty boys”.

Jewish comic Sacha, 49, won a string of awards playing the wannabe urban rapper and spoof interviewer for several years.

A TV insider said: “The warning will be greeted with disbelief by anyone who watched the original series which was almost universally liked.

“There were some voices who criticised the show for allowing people to laugh at black, urban street culture, but the majority of viewers thought Ali G was hilarious.”

Fans are warned episodes contain “crude humour, including racist terms which may offend, sexual references and strong language”.

The show is the latest classic comedy to fall foul of changes in society.

Little Britain was taken off platforms over its use of blackface.

Britbox said: “We’ll be running the episodes as supplied by All4 with no further edits.”

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