Yasmeen takes a big step as she prepares to share her bed with Stu in Corrie

When Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) first acknowledged she had feelings for Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) in Coronation Street, she made one thing perfectly clear – baby steps.

Stu, being the kind and lovely man he is, has been completely fine with this.

Going slow for Yasmeen is of course down to her traumatic past with Geoff. She needed to take time and remind herself that she’s able to trust a man again as not all of them will turn out to be like her evil ex-husband.

Just as things started to develop between the couple, Stu’s secret was revealed and Yasmeen was thrown right back to her traumatic relationship.

While Stu’s investigation into clearing his name has been going on, he’s lived at Yasmeen’s, respecting her wishes to just remain friends.

However, now it’s completely confirmed Stu didn’t murder Charlie – his daughter did – Yasmeen is viewing things a bit differently.

It’s down to this but also the arrival of Stu’s granddaughter, Eliza, who has been in care following her mum’s arrest.

When Stu returns home from court this week and reveals his conviction has been overturned, he also drops the bombshell that if Eliza is to live with him, he’ll have to move out as she needs her own room.

Next week, the prospect of not seeing Stu everyday is enough for Yasmeen to approach him and admit she still has feelings for him.

She then takes a huge step and says if he was to share her bedroom, Eliza could have their spare room.

But what will Stu say?

Is this the happy family Stu has always wanted?

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