Yellowstone season 4 spoilers: Jamie to abandon the Duttons as actor drops major clue

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The third season of Yellowstone concluded last month with a devastating cliffhanger, and fans of the Paramount Western series are unsure who will make it into the next episode alive. After Jamie Dutton made a life-changing discovery, star Wes Bentley has hinted the reclusive attorney could finally abandon his family for good. 

John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) and his family’s plight to defend their coveted land from greedy rivals continued in the third season of Yellowstone.

When fans tuned in for the finale at the end of August they had no idea the latest season would end with the Duttons clinging to life after a series of assassination attempts. 

With Beth (Kelly Reilly) presumed dead and Kayce’s (Luke Grimes) fate left unclear, it’s up to John to vow revenge on the mysterious hitmen who just waged war on his farm.

Meanwhile, the Dutton family became even more fractured in the Western drama’s latest outing as Jamie (Wes Bentley) made some horrific discoveries about his past.

Not only was his adoption kept hidden since childhood, but Jamie’s biological father Garrett Randall (Will Patton) beat his mother to death when he was just a baby. 

Jamie has already begun to cut ties with his family legacy by pursuing a career in politics, although he has wielded his influence as an attorney to keep the Dutton Ranch safe. 

Moreover, his complex relationship with Beth has often caused friction amongst the Dutton children and his sister’s on-again, off-again partner Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). 

Additionally, a pivotal flashback scene midway through the latest season finally explained their sibling rivalry, as viewers discovered Jamie had forced her to get an abortion at a young age.

As resentment between Jamie and the rest of the family continues to fester, new comments from Wes Bentley have revealed how his character will deal with the fallout of season three.

During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Bentley confirmed Jamie is in a fragile state following his confrontation with Garrett Randall. 

He explained: “Jamie probably somewhere in him was always afraid something like this was true. He’s a smart guy. 

“Maybe he’s fantasized about being from a different family; maybe if that family was there for him, he could connect with them and truly have a family connection that he felt was on a deeper level.”

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For Jamie, discovering he wasn’t born into the Dutton family could have been a dream come true.

However, learning the truth about his father Garrett has left Jamie with an impossible choice to make heading into Yellowstone’s fourth season.

Bentley continued: “But then to find out his [biological] dad is not a good guy, I mean, where do you go from there? I don’t know. 

“I have a great mom and dad. I’m lucky. Where I get my spine is from my family. You know what I mean? I stand up because of my family, right?”

“For Jamie, who is he now? He has no spine or legs to stand on. I think Jamie finds family important. He wants that. He wants the love that comes with it.”

Although Jamie has always felt supported by John Dutton, his world was sent into a tailspin when he discovered his ‘father’ had been lying to him his entire life. 

Now Jamie’s loyalties are unclear, there’s a strong possibility he could abandon the ranch for good to try and find his true calling. 

Yellowstone is available to watch on Paramount.

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