Yellowstone sparks backlash with Summer’s return

Jen Landon explains why she suffered ropeburn on-set in Yellowstone

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As the fifth season of Yellowstone gains steam, John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) is still getting to grips with his new duties as the Governor of Montana while the feud between Jamie (Wes Bentley) and Beth (Kelly Reilly) reaches boiling point. Unfortunately, the presence of Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) on the ranch could make things worse for the family, with some fans of the Paramount Network drama admitting they wished she had stayed behind bars.

Several viewers weren’t happy to see Summer’s return to Yellowstone after the grief she caused the Dutton family in season four.

The environmental activist clashed with the family by protesting against John’s cattle ranch and eventually invoked the fury of his calculating daughter, Beth.

Summer was tipped off about new developers and led a protest against the building of a new airport, but realised too late that Beth had also informed the police about the protesters.

She was subsequently given a staggering 14-year jail sentence but has been granted her freedom thanks to John’s new powers as governor.

John’s former fling will now be serving as his environmental advisor, but some fans clearly wished the activist had fulfilled her sentence.

Redditor HanginginWesteros said sarcastically: “Summer is back. Joy and rapture.

“The character is a stinking black hole with no purpose and certainly not one iota of chemistry with Kevin Costner.”

Despite their brief fling last season, Summer insisted she wouldn’t be sleeping with John even after spending a whole year in jail.

However, some fans believe her ultimatum was a blatant lie, and Summer and John’s professional relationship still has the potential to turn romantic over the coming weeks.

“I really cannot understand why she was brought back. So John can get laid?” the fan continued.

“He has far more chemistry with the former governor, who is actually one of the few intelligent, mature and rational women on this show.

“Ridiculous. This show just keeps getting worse and worse.”

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Twitter user Shawn Flanagan also said after the episode: “I could do without Summer.”

Carol Coleman added: “Poor Beth in the same house as Summer (who should still be in prison). I’d drink too.”

@silenceevery fumed: “Summer just f**k off before you already come back.”

However, other fans were happy to see her return, with @ElleSansMerci tweeting: “Oh My Stars! Summer as John’s environmental strategist. Yes! Genius move!”

And @RabidArchangel exclaimed: “Yes! She’s finally free! It’s so damn great to see Summer again on Yellowstone! I missed her so much, Piper!”

Clearly, Summer’s presence on the series will continue to be a sticking point for some Yellowstone fans this season.

However, viewers will have to keep tuning in each Sunday to find out whether she’ll help or hinder John’s governorship or maybe even reignite their brief romance from last season.

Yellowstone season 5 continues Sundays on the Paramount Network in the USA and Paramount+ in the UK.

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