£450 Balenciaga trainers that look like a dog has eaten them

£450 for a pair of trainers that look like a dog has eaten them: Balenciaga release slip-on sneakers designed to look destroyed

  • Spanish fashion house launch ‘damaged’ slip-ons without a heel – for £450 a pop
  • The ‘Paris High’ sneaker has already sold out in numerous sizes on luxury seller
  • Balenciaga is backed by Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa and more
  • Seller claims the shoe’s design gives ‘the illusion that the back has been cut off’ 

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has been roundly mocked after releasing a pair of £450 trainers that look like they’ve been left alone with some hungry canines.

The dog-eared ‘Paris High’ sneakers from the Spanish clothing giant look like Converse-style plimsolls, but they’re missing any form of heel support.

Available in black and off-white, most sizes of the ‘distressed rubber and canvas’ trainers are already sold out.

Celebrities who’ve endorsed the brand include Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber and Kanye West. 

Incredibly, numerous sizes of the £450 ‘Paris High’ sneaker slip-ons have already sold out

The audacious designs are available in off-white and black and are Balenciaga’s latest ploy

According to posh clothing seller Net-a-Porter, the heel-less design ‘creates the illusion that the back has been cut off’.

An editors’ note adds: ‘They’re set on rubber soles and stamped with the brand’s moniker along the toes.’

Recommended to match with the absurd invention are an £875 blouse, £650 black jogging bottoms and a studded, ‘croc-effect’ leather handbag – which costs an eye-watering £1,690.

Net-a-Porter states: ‘They’re set on rubber soles and stamped with the brand’s moniker along the toes’

Balenciaga launched its high-top range of the ‘destroyed’ trainers earlier this year to confusion

Alongside the £280 silver ring and £325 hoop earrings advised to pair with the ‘Paris High’ shoes, the full set to match with the edgy trainers will set you back a modest £3,820.

That’s just a bit more than the company’s newly released bin bag-inspired ‘pouches’ – which cost a less than slender £1,470.

The fashion house is selling the drawstring calfskin pouch, which the brand call a ‘trash pouch’, in four different colours including black, white, blue and yellow.

Many people have taken to Twitter to question whether the brand is conducting a social experiment, or simply trolling the masses.

On the Balenciaga website the label revealed: ‘The Trash Pouch is inspired by a garbage bag.’

One Twitter user said ‘luxury fashion’ is legal theft and ‘fashion is a joke’.

Another described the release as a ‘morbid social experiment’. 

Balenciaga’s latest audacious efforts follow the unveiling in May of high-top versions of the ‘destroyed’ design, retailing at up to £1,290.

Their hotly awaited reveal was greeted by widespread scepticism on Twitter, with one user posting: ‘This is a joke from Zoolander.’

One mum said: ‘Are they having a laugh?’

Another joked: ‘Pre-f****d up shoes, what a world.’


People were baffled by the pouch and disappointed fans took to Twitter to voice their thoughts

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