Al Sharpton’s Daughter Got $95K Settlement From NYC For Spraining Her Ankle On Cracked Broadway Pavement

The controversial settlement came after nearly four years of court jockeying.

Al Sharpton’s daughter is getting a $95,000 settlement from New York City after she sprained her ankle. Her injury was caused by a patch of cracked pavement on Broadway.

As the New York Post reported, Dominique Sharpton won the settlement after nearly four years of court jockeying. The incident happened in 2015, and the eldest daughter of the activist and television host had initially sued the city for $5 million.

After several years, the city was apparently ready to sign off on the much smaller amount.

“After a thorough evaluation, we determined that settling this case was in the best interest of the city,” a spokesperson for the city’s legal department told the New York Post.

The report called into question just how serious the injury really was, pointing out that Dominique Sharpton appeared to joke about that night on Instagram, writing, “I sprained my ankle real bad lol.” The New York Post also noted that Sharpton was still able to wear high heels, climb a ladder, and hike on a mountain getaway to Indonesia in May 2016.

Dominique Sharpton is not the only immediate family member of Al Sharpton to make news in recent months. In April, a judge filed a capital murder charge against Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, Al Sharpton’s half-brother. As the Associated Press reported, Glasgow allegedly drove 26-year-old Jamie Townes to look for a stolen car before Townes shot 23-year-old Bruenia Jennings, believing that she was the thief.

By Alabama law, any person aiding or abetting a criminal act is considered to be just as liable, so Glasgow also faces capital murder charges. Aside from his relation to Al Sharpton, Glasgow had gained a reputation for his work in prison outreach. As Big League Politics noted, Glasgow says he registered thousands of felons in Alabama to vote, which helped Democrat Doug Jones to defeat Roy Moore in the state’s special Senate election.

Glasgow was freed on bond as his case makes it way through the courts, but was arrested again in September for allegedly putting a stolen license plate on his car, the Washington Times reported.

When reached for comment by the New York Post, Dominique Sharpton did not appear to know that her case had been settled. Her lawyer issued a statement saying that “despite unfair treatment in the press, this settlement reflects the reasonableness of Ms. Sharpton, who was willing to settle her meritorious claim for a fair amount based on all factors.”

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