Andrew Gosden's dad reveals heartache over 'carrying the burden' of his son's disappearance for 15 years as two arrested

THE dad of a 14-year-old boy who mysteriously vanished 15 years ago has revealed his heartache after two men were arrested.

Andrew Gosden was last seen on September 14, 2007, after travelling from his home in Doncaster to London when he "uncharacteristically" skipped school.

South Yorkshire Police have now confirmed two men were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping the teen last Wednesday.

A 45-year-old man was held on suspicion of kidnap, human trafficking and the possession of indecent images of children.

The force – assisted by the Met – also arrested a 38-year-old man on suspicion of kidnap and human trafficking.

Andrew's dad Kevin has now spoken out after the development as both suspects were released under investigation.

He told ITV News: "We're not able to reach any conclusion about it, so for us it's just another unknown that's hard to cope with.

"Since Andrew went missing, I've struggled with a lot of mental health problems – depression, anxiety and so on – and the emotional toll for the family is massive and it is very much the not knowing, that you can't reach any conclusion.

"Recent events are just a repetition of that."

The dad also thanked the "media, general public and the charity Missing People for their support".

In a statement, he added: "We have carried the burden of not knowing for many years and recent potential developments represent a more intensified period of this emotional journey for us, so we hope that you understand how difficult this time is for us as a family and wish to thank you for your support and prayers."

On the day he vanished, Andrew put on his school uniform and left the home in Doncaster he shared with Kevin, mum Glenys and sister Charlotte.

For some reason he returned once it was empty, changed into pair of jeans and a Slipknot band T-shirt and headed to a shop where he withdrew £200 from his bank account.


Andrew bought a one-way ticket to London and was last seen emerging from King's Cross station on CCTV at 11.25am.

His dad said he then "vanished off the face of the Earth".

Andrew became the "poster boy" for the Missing People charity with his face plastered on posters on billboards, train platforms and along major roads.

Speaking about the pain of losing his son previously, Kevin told The Sun: "I always thought the worst feeling ever would be to have a child die but this to me is worse.

"I have caught myself before, to my shame, feeling envious of parents whose child has been murdered but then you stop and want to hug them.

"We just want to know what happened to our son before we die."

South Yorkshire Police are now appealing for anyone with information to come forward as the investigation continues.

Detective Inspector Andy Knowles said: "Our priority at this time is supporting Andrew's family while we work through this new line of enquiry in the investigation.

"We have made numerous appeals over the years to find out where Andrew is and what happened to him when he disappeared. I would encourage anyone with any information they have not yet reported to come forward."

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