Another powerful Pacific storm headed for the B.C. coast

Another big rain storm is bearing down on the South Coast, according to Global News meteorologist Mark Madryga.

He says it will hit late Wednesday.

“After a wicked afternoon yesterday with the heavy rain, we’ve had a nice break between weather systems overnight and this morning, too,” Madryga said Wednesday. “However, another powerful weather system is on the way. It’s taking aim at the South Coast. Heavy rain will kick in late tonight, but especially heavy tonight, overnight, and more rain will pound down on Thursday. Total rainfall amounts with this next storm will be anywhere from 30 to 60 millimetres in Metro Vancouver.”

He does say there is some good news for skiers, as the storm will bring heavy snow to the North Shore Mountains.

Tuesday’s storm brought heavy rain the afternoon, flooding streets in Surrey and forcing the shutdown of the Expo SkyTrain line because of flooding in the tunnel at the Columbia Station in New Westminster.

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