Armed father posts photo of police camped outside during two-day siege

Armed father who barricaded himself into his home with his son, eight, posts photos of armed police camped outside during two-day siege

  • Armed police officers have been in stand off with a house in Earlsdon, Coventry
  • West Midlands Police said they conducted welfare check on man and son inside
  • The force said it is believed the man, 41, is armed with weapons and will not leave
  • Specially trained police officers swooped on the home after midnight on Sunday

A father posted photos on social media of armed police besieging his home yesterday.

Officers including counter-terrorism specialists cordoned off the three-storey Victorian property amid reports that the 41-year-old had a number of weapons.

He has been barricaded in with his eight-year-old son since Sunday morning. Photos of police outside the property have been posted on two Facebook accounts linked to the suspect.

One image showed six officers aiming guns at his front door from behind the protection of riot shields.

Firing line: This photo was shared online by the 41-year-old suspect engaged in an armed standoff with police at a home in Coventry which has been ongoing since Saturday night

Officers from West Midlands Police were called to the property after midnight Sunday to carry out a welfare check on a man and child, who are both believed to still be inside the property

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: ‘The house is surrounded by armed police so there’s nowhere for him to go.

‘The negotiators have tried to nudge him gently but it doesn’t sound like much progress has been made.

‘He has always seemed OK with me but he does have mental health issues. There are two boys who come and visit him – I don’t think they live there.

‘I was told he allowed one of them to leave on Saturday but the other boy is still inside. I’ve been told that he has been posting things on social media during the standoff.’

Another neighbour posted a video of the incident in Earlsdon, Coventry, with a police officer shouting: ‘I have got officers with me, it is nothing to be worried about, they are here to keep everybody safe.

‘Can you hear me at all? Can you say something so that I know that you’re OK?’

West Midlands Police say they have spoken to residents in nearby properties at the scene

Pictured: The road is cordoned off near Earlsdon Avenue North, Coventry, where armed police remain in a stand-off with a man inside a property there (pictured on Monday, January 10)

The negotiator offered the man and his son food – and a fish finger sandwich on white bread was requested.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: ‘A 41-year-old man is believed to be armed with weapons and has his eight- year-old son with him.

‘Our priority is the safety of those involved which includes residents who live within the cordon’s perimeter.

‘We have issued guidance on what to do when residents wish to leave or enter their properties, and our officers have visited most of the addresses in person to explain what we are doing and why, and offer reassurance and advice.’

Chief Superintendent Pete Henrick added: ‘I ask that people bear with us as specialist officers remain at the scene.’

The property is in an affluent area close to both Warwick and Coventry universities.

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