Bomb threat at CNN’s New York office

New York: CNN's broadcast offices in New York City have been evacuated by police after a caller said there were five bombs hidden in the Time Warner Centre Building, disrupting the broadcaster's schedule, police say.

"We have closed the perimeter at Columbus Circle and cleared the building," New York Police Detective Hubert Reyes said after Thursday night's threat.

"We are currently searching the entire building."

An officer keeps watch in front of the Time Warner Building after an explosive device was removed in October.Credit:AP

All vehicle and pedestrian traffic has been blocked by police as bomb squads comb through the structure.

The call came in about 10pm (2pm Friday AEDT time), and the news network briefly switched to pre-tapped programming, before cutting to live shots of newscasters, employees and onlookers standing behind police barricades outside the building.

New York Police bomb squads were on standby, if any devices are found, police said.

The network's bureau at the centre was evacuated in October after a package containing an explosive device, addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, was discovered.


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